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Stylish Content
has Effect

Innovative imagery and illustrations, and stylish copywriting make
sites, ads, presentations, print productions, and social
media posts 
more personal and effective.

The Soft Content is Always Smart

Content management is prioritized in many organizations especially in B2B. Content should be more than phrases from strategy documents and googled and illegally downloaded pictures from the web.

The content that Soft creates adds personality and credibility to sites, ads, print, business presentations, FB-posts, and tweets. With knowledge and creativity, Soft has created sharp content for sites, promotions and campaigns since 1998.


Knowledge and Style

We have done the copywriting part for extensive web site projects with 50-200 pages to Kährs, Arvid Nordquist and Anticimex. We have written texts to banners, Annual reports, political campaigns, ads, commercials and infomercials, AdWords, newsletters, animated video, campaign sites and business presentions - text content for almost every media channel out there. The only we have not written content for is radio commercials.

There are texts from Soft in
hundreds of projects for:


HUI Research



Arvid Nordquist




3 Step IT

Indicate me



Snacka snyggt

Net Insight



Alfa Laval






IT and Telecom

Coffee Excellence and Water Damages

For VMware and EMC we created thirty campaigns about storage, hardware, software, and IT services. We have designed campaigns in Swedish and Norwegian, and for the international markets in English for EMC and VMware. Two projects for EMC, on de-duplication and virtualization, were large in scale. It took weeks to examine all the PDF’s, read the site’s pages and look at YouTube videos and tutorials, in order to write the copy for the female low-polygon 3D avatar that introduced the site’s visitors to the subject matter of virtualization and de-duplication.

We have also written copy and script for two videos in English, and two large-scale business presentations in Swedish for EMC.

We have written copy and scripts for video production for international companies like Ericsson, Orkla, Yooba, and Pfizer. We created content for thirty digital campaigns and banner campaigns for Swedish clients Ledarna, TeliaSonera and Grannar among others, and written ten sites and business presentations for the same clients. We have created ad campaigns for a Swedish referendum for the brand Yes to the Euro.


Web copy by Soft

We have trained clients at TeliaSonera and Swedish Postal Service how to write for the web and HUI Research on how to write posts in social media. Soft's copywriter Alexander Johansson has taught students at Berghs School of Communication and created a nomenclature for web copy in Swedish.

Soft has probably written the most comprehensive site about coffee in Swedish for coffee roastery Arvid Nordquist, and their Barista training program, Classic’s Coffee Academy. We wrote about cultivation, harvesting, roastery and how to make the perfect espresso shot, as well as futures trading in coffee on the commodity exchanges in Chicago and London. We filmed trained baristas creating latte art drinks and great espressos – many different aspects of barista craftsmanship were covered. We created 3D-animations depicting the coffee bean’s development on the coffee bush, and the five-stage process in the roastery, where the bean gets its characteristic colour and flavour.

In order to write copy for Anticimex Assistance, Soft’s copywriter had to read some construction technology literature in order to understand the subject matter and Anticimex’ central service arguments at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The site is still most likely the largest site in Swedish about water damage and humidity problems in houses. It took six months to plan, research, write and edit the copy, in addition to the nearly one hundred 3D-environments of different wall and floor types that we created to explain different construction weaknesses from a water damage perspective. 

Knowledge and Style

Soft’s consultants are highly educated and have studied design, fine art, literature, philosophy at universities and art schools. We listen to music, write about music (e.g. on Scandinavia’s largest music blog for electronic music). We live for quality content.


Follow us in our

ambition to explain and

beautify the world.

We Can Do More for You

Soft provides a wide range of quality publishing products
and services. The most vital are listed below.









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