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Improve Operation
with Action

More marketing activities increase the opportunity for the brand to be noticed. Higher frequency enable immersed communication 
and the probability to improve sales. 

Interim Managers and a Design Studio 

We have often seen how B2B companies with limited marketing budgets tend to make few marketing activities each year. These companies bind a lot of capital in administration and organization. These resources could have made huge differences if they had been used in marketing and communication activities instead.


Outsource the Marketing Department

A Swedish Marketing Manager often needs an assistant before any communication activities go live. It is not unusual that this organization at the utmost post some content in social media, conduct some events and perhaps one campaign with a publishing agency during a year. The cost for this organization is at least 200 TUSD in Sweden. With the same resources Soft could develop and modernize the Brand Manual, publish a new website, design advanced digital sales materials and business presentations, newsletters and content and design to social media and quarterly ad campaigns and of course ongoing Adwords and banner campaigns as well (publishing purchases are not included in the example).

If marketing is not a vital part of the business, as it almost always is in B2C contexts, or something the organization handles well it is a good idea for B2B businesses and SMB and organizations to outsource marketing and communication. Soft recommend every company to invest in activities rather than administration and organization.

We Can Put Other Agencies in Work

Large marketing and communication projects have been team collaboration for decades where several different organizations have to agree and work efficiently to reach project objectives. Soft has purchased photography and video services for many years. We collaborate with print shops and can operate both digital and traditional marketing campaigns. We are methodological, orderly, we write clear briefs and know how to get designers, artists, and developers to perform in the best possible way. 

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Fast Marketing Activities by Soft

Every marketing activity starts with planning and discussions about requirements and objectives. We can create marketing and activity plans and support C-level management with both operative services and consulting within marketing, communication, digital strategy and IT.


Modern communication operations is often a lot like journalism with short interviews by mails, telephone or in meetings with specialists and managers. The outcome of this interview is used both externally and internally together with creative imagery and graphic design. After every C-level management meeting or weekly session, we will be able to instantly write and publish stylish content with stunning design.

We recommend you to assign us if you need to raise your level of communication activities and gain more from your investments in marketing and communication.

There are only a few organization out there that can compete with us when it comes to manage artists, designers, and developers and make them create high-quality marketing productions. 

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Soft knowledge #1

In 2017 we launch a new ebook series about modern marketing. Soft knowledge no 1 cover marketing in a booming economy and how companies no longer can define the clients' journey – the customers will do that for themselves.

Follow our ambition

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We Can Do More for You

Soft provides a wide range of quality publishing products and
services. The most vital are listed below.








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Are you planning to release a new product or service? Or do you need to modernize and improve your brand profile, logotype and overall design?


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