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World Class Business Presentations

In almost every B2B context, business presentations appear in similar stages. Soft is a leading studio on advanced digital business presentations, with clear messages, modern design, animated models and stylish texts.

Efficient Design 
Improve Sales

At Soft we are very good at business presentation design, storytelling, messages, content, animations, and rich media, integrated menus and layout.

We really know Slides, PowerPoint, KeyNote and Flash. We’ve mastered Photoshop and graphic design, we understand various business environments and can deal with immense information sources and find the story and create first-class presentations that really generate an effect.

We write copy in Swedish and English, we integrate video and dynamic menus. The final product can be used in sales, pitches, courses and information purposes – internally or externally. They will get attention for the message you want to deliver.


Interactive Models and Processes


Many of our clients have requested visualization and conceptualization of business processes, diagrams, and business models. We have designed delicate icons, 2D or 3D objects, and integrated them into animations and video in order to pedagogically depict complex structures and processes. We have created EMC:s The Journey to the Cloud where the last decade of development in the data center is shown neatly in four easy-to-understand stages. We have visualized HUI Research’s consultant-service model and SatPoint’s portfolio of products, where their offerings can be compared with competitors in a single click.

We have designed and animated visual maps and the worldwide fiber network of TeliaSonera International Carrier.

We know how to integrate video and create advanced models and menus in PowerPoint or Flash and how to implement these presentations in a way that can be used on tablets and smartphones.


Soft's Presentations Generates Business

Soft has created presentations for world product launches, organization anniversaries, vital events and conferences for companies such as:







The sales presentation for Wayfinder in 2007 made it possible for the founders to make an exit to Vodafone for 30 MEURO. Capital Cooling was awarded top ten cleantech company in the world by WWF with a business presentation from Soft. They have taken their services from Northern Europe to China, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. HUI Research and EMC have grown confident with presentations from Soft, getting ahead of competitors with better sales materials.

Soft may be one of the best consultants and design studios in the world when it comes to digital presentations.



Storytelling, Content and Design

We are convinced that contemporary sales operations require digital presentations with carefully designed messages and professional layout to be successful. We know how little our competitors in the design industry care for PowerPoint and how hard it is for them to provide digital presentations with integrated rich media, storytelling, relevant content, and great design. 

Few design agencies can offer storytelling and copywriting of any significance, and very few of them can offer integrated video or animations. 

Soft are a leading designer and producer of cutting edge digital presentations.

Advantages with Presentations in Slide

HTML5 - acts on any device

Apply to Brand Manual fonts

Supreme video support

Team collaboration online

Mobile as remote control

Team collaboration online

Images and icons online

Share presentation online

Demo presentation remote


We Can Do More for You

Soft provide a wide range of quality publishing products 
services. The most vital are listed below.









Follow us in our ambition to 
explain and beautify the world.

Time for


Are you planning to release a new product or service? Or do you need to modernize and improve your brand profile, logotype and overall design?


Soft reklambyrå AB
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SE - 111 29 Stockholm, Sweden

Telefon: +46-8-411 94 10

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