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Branding by Doing in Operation

Unfortunately it is impossible to anticipate everything and succeed everytime.
In a fast and complex world, doing becomes essential.
Preferably more. And faster. And better.

Marketing Activism is
the Best Strategy

Almost 70 percent of all marketing campaigns fail to reach business objectives. Marketing departments and publishers used to explain commercial failures arguing that the campaign was ”still building the brand” or something along those lines. Always insisting about some impossible-to-measure concept regarding the target group or market position. But the problem is very real, and on a marketing philosophy level, very complicated. It involves chaos theory, network theory and probability theory. Realities most marketing executives and managers seldom contemplate.

A common business proposition states that 10 percent of each product/service launch or campaign effort will be commercially successful. 90 percent will fail. Hollywood officials claim that approximately five blockbusters generate the total profit per year for the business sector. The sector employs some 500 thousand creative artists.

A campaign has to function on a market bounded by time and space. It has to compete with waste amounts of information, generating billions of stimuli for the senses of the target group. This makes controlled communication an illustion for every business and organization working in an environment with competition and that is every market in any OECD country.

Chaos Rules on Most Markets

The arena for every campaign is both over- and under- defined. This means, for every campaign solution proven successful, there will inevitably be a failure next time, even if the surrounding circumstances are exactly the same. This is because it is impossible to replicate clusters, and campaigns are clusters. Further, the components and strategy for a campaign solution could most likely be anything – there is no strategy or marketing theory available that will prove better than the other top theories in the field. The end of every campaign will work equally to every other, good or bad, because of entropy stated by bounded rational theory.

It is a fact, that there is chaos in most markets. And no planning and no business strategy can change that fact. The situation depends on hyper choice and demand discovery. And the effects are tremendous. We have a situation where the engaged and rational client is dead. There are no longer such things as positioning or differentiation (if there ever have been?), other than whiteboard games you do internally or with a brand or strategy consultant. The best strategy is as good as a wild guess. This is because our brave new media world is a complex network, exactly as science and mathematics claim.

Soft Projects Generate Business

Go Soft in Your Next Project

Soft's business presentation to Wayfinder in 2007 made an exit possible for the owners when they sold the company to Vodafone for 280 MUSD. Capital Cooling was awarded top ten most influential in cleantech by WWF in 2008 and commenced a journey from Sweden and Northern Europe to China, the Caribbean Islands and the Middle East based on a business presentation, a video and a website from us.

Annika R Malmberg and Elaine Eksvärd, two very popular Key Note Speakers in Sweden, were doubling their revenues with business presentations and mail campaigns from Soft.

Consultants HUI Research and Aphelion raised revenue with 50 percent the same year we launched the new design, logotype, website, business presentation and campaigns for them.


We hope that you will consider Soft when you are planning for bying publishing services in the future. Beware of paying for organisation and administration, marketing strategy and planning and agency overhead expenses. And do not buy the sales pitch about controlled branding or other obsolete marketing strategy. 

You should instead strive to be fast, flexible and cost efficient, and do more with less. And find yourselves an effective, professional, nice partner that understands the universe of marketing as it really is.

Controlled communication is an illusion. But do not give up. Do more and faster and better.


Soft Knowledge #1

In 2017 we launch a new ebook series about modern marketing. Soft knowledge no 1 cover marketing in a booming economy and how companies no longer can define the clients' journey – the customers will do that for themselves.

We Can Do More for You

Soft provide a wide range of quality publishing products
and services. The most vital are listed below.









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