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White Art by Soft
in a New Web Shop

Beautify the World

Soft created the concept with white-painted and sprayed objects that we photographed and touched up in Photoshop. The art
has been exhibited at Gallery Konstart in Stockholm.

Transport is not included

We transport the art in a unique wooden box with fortified corners. The cover opens and closes with an electric screwdriver. The inside is covered with neoprene plastic to protect the artworks. 

Every address is unique and since we can't know how many artworks every single customer want to buy the transport has to be priced individually with our logistic partner. 

We need the delivery address and a date and time you can be available. After the delivery, the box has to be shut again and transported back to Soft in Sweden to be used for new clients. Please contact us at for transport service.

Buy Art from Soft

1. Choose the artwork you want

2. Pay for your selected art in the shop

3. Contact Soft and inform us about the delivery address

4. Soft will provide a price for shipping 

5. Pay for shipping 

6. Agree on an exact time for the delivery
7. Unpack the art on the agreed time for delivery and return the wooden
box to the shipping company

Superior Quality

The photographs are printed on matte photo paper by Crimson in Stockholm (the only supplier of matte printing services in large formats). The frames have numeral ISO-certifications and are made in Sweden by Tranås List in Småland. The glass has the highest grade of UV-protection and it is anti-reflective as well. The passepartout is white and made in Sweden by Oppboga. The passepartout to every single artwork is laser cut with a slightly higher margin in the bottom for classic balance and beauty. The frames, glass, and passepartout are assembled in Stockholm by Gallery STHLM.

The Antique and
The Beatles

A decade ago we discussed how Soft could create a self-willed and unique image concept for our agency. In HOW magazine we found a white monochrome album with white-painted flowers. The artist said he had been inspired by The Beatles and The White Album from 1968. Some of us at Soft appreciated sculpture from the antique and the Renaissance and how the white classical ideal, as the German art historian Winckelmann called edle Einfalt und stille Größe (the noble simplicity and quiet grandeur), was still standing hundreds of years later. We wanted our art to be a part of that
classic mission. 


We bought small and simple objects that reflected our different personalities and some plastic flowers and painted them white with ordinary wall paint. The more delicate objects we had to spray with white spray paint. A few years later we added a concept of miniature figures in surrealistic scenes based on Märklin model figures.


We photographed the white objects we had created with a macro lens, often in our lightbox, and did some heavy artwork and retouch in Photoshop. Every artwork apart from the white neon led signs, are grand digital prints on matte photo paper, assembled with white passepartout and white frames.

White on White

with Soft

Dags för ett bättre innehåll?

Behöver ni vässa era budskap och uppdatera ert innehåll? Tänk Soft.
Vi tillhandahåller kvalificerade innehållstjänster och copywriting.


Soft reklambyrå AB
Triewaldsgränd 2

111 29 Stockholm, Sweden

Telefon: 08-411 94 10

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