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A concept based on philosophy and attitude

Swedish IT company TAG (Trust Anchor Group) has developed the first Internet of Things router based on the upcoming standard IEEE 1451:99 IoT Harmonization. The new standard will improve IT infrastructure and make it more scalable and secure.

The TAG platform is built with up to 256-bit encryption security by design. There is no need for additional policies, proprietary APIs or VPN solutions.

Since 2018 TAG provide IoT and digital payment services, TAG Connect and TAG Pay, on the Swedish market. It is a complete platform with hardware and software. 



A key message from modern philosophy

Soft was commissioned to create a concept with attitude and to design a logotype, web site, business presentation and business cards to TAG's participation at the Almedalen business fair on Gotland in summer 2019. 

Soft created strong key messages only in English. The main message was based on the American philosopher Nelson Goodman's book Ways of Worldmaking. The texts were designed with the characteristic font TT Bluescreen black for an intense blockbuster-feeling. Main colours are black and white in the brand guide for clarity and contrast. 


TAG provide  Industry 4.0

TAG has a serious ambition to provide a complete platform for the necessary IT services for the future's smart cities. TAG already provide a transaction engine, a digital system for payments and an Internet of Things router based on the new and upcoming IEEE IoT harmonization standard.

IEEE will secure better and more secure seamless IT services for smart societies.


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Fler aktuella projekt

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